Welcome to Softeck. We are a young dynamic company specialising in database development, automation of Adobe products and data management.

There is a general belief, that customised business support systems or database systems are very expensive and can only be afforded by large organisations and corporations. As a result, small businesses are forced into buying off-the-shelf software. This is often badly suited for individual business needs as it tries to accommodate the requirements of millions of users. Buying such software does not give a business a competitive advantage since all other competitors will be using exactly the same tools.

Here at Softeck we strive to prove that even the small businesses can afford custom-built systems. Our clients in the past have included small medical practices, design studios, small shops, independent artists and many new start up companies.

We build databases mostly in FileMaker Pro, software which is ideally suited for our clients because it can deliver projects quickly and to budget. We are FileMaker certified for every version from 8 to 14 and our development covers desktop, server-based solutions, web applications and mobile devices. To read more about FIleMaker Pro, please follow this link: softeck.uk/filemaker-pro

We also have extensive experience in the automation of Adobe products, particularly creating the workflows for Adobe InDesign and InDesign Server.

Lastly, we have experience in manipulating data, moving data between different formats and exchanging data between systems.