Every major application in the Adobe Creative Suite has now become industry standard software and a must-have for any creative professional. Unfortunately, the creative aspect has often been overshadowed by the many mundane  tasks which operators routinely have to perform.

An example of this could be getting the data from a database with a lot of copying and pasting or manual importing and exporting, organising books into chapters and sections, cross-referencing  and  and creating tables of contents and indexes. This tends to take much more time than designing and typesetting and tends to be prone to user errors.

The solution is to use automation and unload the most repetitive  tasks to a computer. InDesign, as with most of the Adobe products, has an internal scripting language. There is a choice of three script types: VBScript for Windows, AppleScript for Mac and JavaScript (ExtendScript) for both platforms. We tend to write most automation in JavaScript, but we also support a some clients with AppleScript systems.

We also specialise in connecting InDesign to databases, such as SQL Server, MYSQL, Oracle or FileMaker Pro.

Aside from Indesign, we have had projects in the past creating workflow and scripts for Illustrator and Photoshop.

Finally, we have experience of setting up, maintaining and developing for InDesign Server. With InDesign Server, high quality PDFs can be generated for the web or internal use which are based on InDesign templates. This is done without any involvement of a human operator and does not need any additional InDesign client licences.