FileMaker Pro is our database development tool of choice.

FileMaker Pro is a powerful toolbox for creating custom solutions for a wide variety of businesses with different needs. It works on both PC and Mac desktop computers, can have web front and can be run on iPad and iPhone. The current version of FileMaker allows the creation of database-aware native iOS applications, which can be delivered through the Apple App Store.

FileMaker Server is a robust solution for a team or a small business. It can serve the webpages linked to the database or provide data for iOS clients. It has additional security features, can use encryption and manage storage for images and documents as well as having a built-in backup facility and disaster recovery system.

FileMaker can use an internal database engine as well as MYSQL, Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle and has native support for XSLT transformations, including directly from URI. FileMaker Pro has extremely responsive interface development tools and excellent report building capabilities.

Overall, a project delivery with FileMaker Pro is faster and more friendly to your budget than any other database software.

We also provide FileMaker Pro consultancy, tutoring and development from an initial brief to launch and follow-up support. We also specialising in the integration of FileMaker Pro databases with external systems and resources by using a variety of different technologies. As well as this new development, we offer support foroften existing systems and in the past we have been involved in supporting products built entirely in FIleMaker such as SetFast and StreamTime.

Our current clients include a private school, an architect and a legal publishing company.